Coffee Farm Tour

It is an early monsoon here in Kathmandu, Nepal. With the majority of the population focused on agriculture, this is the peak time for planting seeds and a lot of our dear citizens are occupied in their fields. At Biruwa Ventures (my workplace) we are going around surveying and visiting different types of farms for a potential new venture.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit Alpine Coffee Farm (, around an hour and half drive from Kathmandu towards Nuwakot. The bike ride was splendid for the most part, apart from some extremely muddy spots, which my street sports bike was definitely not ready for.

My perception of a coffee farm was like the ones we see in the movies and pictures with those perfect landscapes, those that tea farms or vineyards look like, and I was completely mistaken. The entire farm was on one side of a big hill, with steep slope. Mr. Kumud, the business development director, showed us around and gave us a quick coffee farm 101. Going through the farm traveling up and down, jumping from one spot to the other, I have gained an enormous amount respect for the people working in the farms, walking up and down the farm carrying around 20 – 25 kilos of manure and fertilizers from one point to the other is a daunting task, and not something a city kid like me has experienced before.

Overall, it was a day well spent. Learned a lot about the lifecycle of a coffee plant. As I visit more and more farmhouses, I am getting more and more interested in running farms, vineyard or breweries.

Next stop is Chitlang round 2, I will post more updates after I come back from the trip.

Until then, keep on keeping on.

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    1. PG rated blog bro.. lol, but we are definitely going back.
      I am making a different section called photographs, if people need to look at photos of how places look like, please forward them to that page. Until we have a name of our business and our own website.

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